Blackheads removal Bangkok

Blackheads Removal in Bangkok Guide

Acne extraction is one of the best ways to remove comedonal acne. In Bangkok, there are lots of places provide such service. You may find it in spas and beauty clinics. 

However, if you have blackheads on your nose, we suggest acne extraction is not a good choice. The reason is that it will cause your nose becomes rough and has scars.

nose blackheads removal bangkok

Treatments for Nose Blackheads Removal in Bangkok

The best way to work on blackheads on your nose is to reduce injury due to extraction. There are a number of options available in Bangkok. 

If you go to beauty clinic, they will have a treatment on your nose which melt blackheads. Then, they will use pore pack to pull out the blackheads. 

If you go to spas, they will extract blackheads on your nose by hand. It is quite painful. It can clean your nose but it will cause some scars later. 

If you go to hospital, they will give you a cream to work on nose blackheads at home. 

Where Shall We Go?

You may also find some places that have specialty in acne have their own method. For example, at Puttharaksa Aesthetic, they apply mask and machine to work on nose blackheads. The treatment not only remove nose blackheads but also helps minimize pore which is the root case of blackheads.