Acne scar treatment Bangkok

Acne Scars Treatment in Bangkok Guide

In Bangkok, acne and acne scars are treated separately. Therefore, when you have both acne and acne scars, we suggest you work on acne first. You will then have acne scars from the current acne afterwards.

What Types of Acne Scars Treatment Available in Bangkok?

There are two options available for acne scars:

  1. Laser
  2. Facial treatment

Laser, e.g. Fraxel,  has an advantage in terms of speed. It helps improve acne scars faster. However, it has downtime. You are now allowed to expose to direct sunlight. Besides, you will have some peeling. That means you have to mostly stay at home during the first 1-2 week after laser.

Facial treatment, e.g. Microdermabrasion, helps remove outer skin cell and stimulate collagen. In general, facial treatment improves acne scars slower than laser. However, it has no downtime. That means you can enjoy usual activities.

Our Recommendations

In conclusion, we suggest start with facial treatment e.g. Microdermabrasion. And then see your skin improvement. If you need stronger treatment, go for Laser e.g. Fraxel. 

We recommend Bangkok Hospital for Fraxel laser while Puttharaksa Aesthetic for Microdermabrasion treatment.