Acne treatment Bangkok, Thailand

Acne Treatment in Bangkok Guide

If you are new to acne treatment in Bangkok, this article will be a good guide for you to understands all options available in coping with your acne. 

Acne treatment in Bangkok can be categorized into 3 approaches: medicine, laser and holistic treatment. 

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3 Types of Acne Treatment in Bangkok

Medicine: This approach is a traditional one.  The doctor will prescribe you pills and creams to work on acne. This approach take a long time to see the results. Besides, taking acne pills might cause some health concerns in long term [Ref. NHS]. You may find this approach at most of hospitals here, e.g. Bangkok Hospital.

Laser Treatment: This approach is a modern one. The doctor will use laser machine with acne. Your acne is lasered and removed. However, if your skin is irritated, it might cause your irritation becomes worse due to heat from the laser. Besides, if your skin is tan, you might have black spots after the treatment. You may find this approach at hospitals and beauty clinic e.g. Pornkasem Clinic.

Holistic Treatment: This approach combines facial, cream and acne extraction. The acne facial helps improve your skin structure. Therefore, it helps prevent new acne. The creams work on current acne. Acne extraction helps get rid of comedonal acne (blackheads and whiteheads). Holistic treatment is specific for each clinic. One well known for this approach is Puttharaksa Aesthetic.  

Our Opinions on Acne Treatment in Bangkok

In conclusion, we suggest medicine approach if you do not have time. We suggest laser, if you have white skin without skin irritation. We suggest holistic acne treatment if you do not want to take pill and want to work on both existing acne and preventing new acne.